Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 : What is our policy?
A : We conduct our tours with a ‘difference’. Ours aren’t the typical run-of-the-mill, everyday tours conducted by other travel agents/guides. We pride ourselves in being able to personalize and customize our style to suit your needs with our honest, reliable, knowledgeable, fun and sincere guides. Our tours are completely authentic and we make sure we connect on a much deeper level as opposed to just skimming the surface. We choose to be different and we hope you will give us the opportunity to prove that to you.

We also do our utmost while you are in our care to make sure you are always protected from scam artists who might try to take advantage. We consider ourselves ambassadors of Thailand. We love our homeland, our Kings, the Royal family and our ancestors, and we do everything we can to portray our culture in the best light possible to the outside world. We appreciate your kind consideration to use our services and will honor your time. We promise to do our best to make your time with us most memorable.

Q 2 : Why do we use flat rates?
 A  :
  We use flat rates because we provide tours that are flexible to your needs. This allows you to customize the tour to include attractions that appeal to you. You get to choose how much time to dedicate to each location depending on your interests. At any time during the tour, you are free to change your mind with regards to your itinerary, as this is a private tour. We give you full control of the itinerary, but of course we are also always at hand to give you suggestions and advice.

Our tours can take up to 10 hours on longer day trips, but you can also extend the tour if you want by paying overtime costs charged at an hourly rate. Please check out our rates section for more information.

Q 3 : Can another group join a tour you have booked?
A  :
  Yes. We do not mind if you want to split costs by allowing another party to join the tour with you. We will deal with you, the original party who has secured the booking, and all decisions with regards to the tour will have to be made by you. We do not charge extra for this unless you have to use a bigger car/van to accommodate everyone.  Also, admission fees will be extra. We will transfer both parties to their respective hotels, but it would be easier if the hotels were in the same vicinity. Again, we do not charge extra for this as we do not charge per person.

We sometimes get requests from people willing to join another group on a tour.  In that case, we might ask you if you are willing to accommodate the second party if you already have a booking with us. We do this because a) you might be willing to split the costs of the tour and b) we want to accommodate the second party. Please remember you are under no obligation whatsoever to accept the offer. You are free to decline, if you are not comfortable with the proposition. On the other hand, if you feel it might be worthwhile to split costs, please remember you are the original party and all decisions with regards to the tour will be made by you. In no way do we benefit from such an arrangement. Our intention in putting forth such requests is only in the interests of accommodating all our clients in the best of our ability.

Q 4 : What do we need to know to help you customize your tour?
A  :
  If you want us to create an itinerary for you, it would be very helpful to know your preferences. For example, if you have a special interest in history, culture, foods, animals, etc or other likes/dislikes, travel styles, pace of travel, allergies if any, how adventurous/energetic you are. If you have children, it would help knowing their ages, so we can prepare activities to keep them entertained. Also, if the children have any special food preferences, it would be best to let us know in advance so our guides can prepare ahead of time the restaurants to visit.

Apart from this, if you have any other special requests like baby car seat, wheelchair, etc, please feel free to let us know.

Q 5 : How to prepare for the day trip and are they any dress codes?
A  :
   Please see our suggestions. Kindly go through the instructions thoroughly especially if you are considering visiting temples, palaces as well as the tiger temple. Other than these places, there aren’t any strict restrictions on attire, but we want you to keep in mind that Thailand is a rather conservation country, and inappropriate clothing that might be considered too revealing is frowned upon, and might offend the local people.

Q 6 : How do you pay us?
 A  :  As soon as our deposit system is in place, you will be required to leave a deposit to secure your booking, and the balance amount will be paid in Thai Baht cash to your guide on the day of your tour.

Q 7 : How long does each day tour take?
 A :
The length of each particular tour is dependant on various factors such as the length of time spent at each attraction and the number of places on your itinerary. If the tour exceeds the allotted time, you will have to pay overtime charges, as mentioned in our flat rates.

These are expected time durations for popular tours.

        - Bangkok Full day tour = 8 - 10 hours.
        - Bangkok Half day tour = 5 hours.
        - Bangkok & Nakorn Pathom = 10 hours.  
        - Ayutthaya Full day tour = 10 hours.
        - Ayutthaya Half day tour = 5 – 6 hours.
        - Floating Market Half day  tour = 5 - 6 hours.
        - Floating Market & Nakorn Pathom tour = 10 hours.
        - Floating Market & Bangkok tour = 10 - 12 hours.
        - Floating Market & Kanchanaburi = 10 – 14 hours.
        - Floating Market & Fishing Village = 10 – 12 hours.
        - Kanchanaburi tour = 10 hours – 12 hours.
        - Fishing Village Half day tour = 6 – 7 hours.
        - Fishing Village & Bangkok tour = 10 – 12 hours.
        - Pattaya  tour = 10 – 12 hours.

Q 8 : How much is  gasoline charged for each tour?
A  :
The answer to this question will fluctuate as the gasoline prices tend to vary with time. To give you a rough idea, we’ll provide you with approximate values. Please note that these prices are subject to change as per real cost of gasoline at the time of the tour.

        - Bangkok  Half day  or Full day tour = No gasoline charged.
        - Bangkok & Nakorn Pathom = Approximately 800 baht.
        - Ayutthaya Half or Full day tour = Approximately 800 baht
        - Floating Market Half day  tour = Approximately 1,000 baht.
        - Floating Market & Nakorn Pathom tour = Approximately 1,000 baht.
        - Floating Market & Bangkok tour = Approximately 1,000 baht.
        - Floating Market & Kanchanaburi = Approximately 1,800 baht.
        - Floating Market & Fishing Village = Approximately 1,000 baht.
        - Kanchanaburi tour = 10 hours = Approximately 1,600 baht.
        - Fishing Village Half day tour = Approximately 1,000 baht.
        - Fishing Village & Bangkok tour = Approximately 1,000 baht.
        - Pattaya tour = Approximately 1,200 baht.

Q 9 :  What other attraction can be added to the Fishing Village?
A :  Fishing village is a tour that allows you to see nature at its best. The tour itself is very dependant on the tides and requires at least half a day to do it justice. It is difficult to tell you much in advance the exact time of day we can take you there because the village can be visited only when the sea tides are low. This information will become available as your tour date approaches, and you will be informed then. It is therefore difficult to confirm an itinerary set in stone when you want to include the fishing village in conjunction with other attractions, but we recommend including the following destinations:

Floating Market & Bangkok tour : You can easily do a Bangkok tour including the Grand Palace & the Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha and/or Wat Pho and/or Canal Tour. This tour can easily be accommodated with the Fishing Village tour.

Floating Market & Fishing Village :  We cannot guarantee that you will be able to include the Floating Market to your tour because it is difficult to estimate the exact time it will be low tide in advance. We recommend you leave the itinerary flexible, and if the tide is going to be low later in the day, then we’ll have enough time to adequately tour the Floating Market in the early morning and then proceed to the Fishing Village. If the tides are estimated to be low in the early morning, then we have no choice but to head to the Fishing Village and forfeit the Floating Market. In this case, we will charge you only for a half-day tour as mentioned in our rates.

Please note that the Tiger Temple cannot be included in the Fishing Village itinerary.

Q 10 : Is the Tiger Temple suitable for the children?
A :
There is no easy definitive answer to this question. We leave the final decision to you. We will put forth some points for you to consider though.

You need to make sure your children are able to follow the instructions of the staff. Failure to do so might put them at risk. You need to make sure you children will be able to tolerate the dust, heat and humidity at the Tiger Temple. There is a lot of walking involved. In our experience, the children usually have a wonderful time interacting with the animals at the Tiger Temple.

If you are traveling with a baby, remember that the admission fee applies to your baby also. Please read the safety tips. You need to know that a stroller can be used only in a few areas, as the ground is uneven. You might have to carry your child most of the time. You will need to move to a safer location if your child starts crying, as the tigers are easily distracted by certain noises. Also take into the consideration the heat and dust.

Q 11 : What should you do if you haven’t heard from us for a while?
A :
In case you haven’t heard from us, we urge you to resend your request, and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. We request you to peruse the information on our website so you have a clear idea as to your preferences when you contact us for your booking. If you have any queries, feel free to ask Tong, but you will have to have a little patience if you are looking for a detailed, in-depth response.

Once you have booked with us, you are in safe hands and we will honor your booking without exception.

Q 12 : Why do we now require a deposit to secure your booking?
A : In the recent past, we have suffered innumerable losses due to last minute cancellations. We now require you to leave a small deposit to confirm your booking which will provide a sense of security to both parties. To make it easy and convenient for you, we accept your deposits through PayPal, bank transfer or Western Union. Details will be provided to you at the time of your booking.

We would have liked to continue accepting your bookings based on your word. Unfortunately, we have realized that while we have always honored all reservations, many who made reservations with us did not do the same. This not only caused us monetary losses, but also loss of faith. We hope you cooperate with us and allow us to continue providing the exemplary services we are known for.